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Circumcision Device Expands Access in Developing Countries
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作者:Neil Canavan
日期:Jul 12, 2013

【马来西亚 吉隆坡】一种被称为商环的用于男性包皮环切的新型器械已经在肯尼亚和赞比亚进行的一项超过1000人参与的现场研究中 被证明是安全和相对疼痛少的方法。


"男性包皮环切是减少非洲次撒哈拉地区HIV感染最有前途的方法之一",来自纽约两性健康的Mark Barone医生表示,"不幸的是,虽然我们知道包皮环切降低男性获得HIV感染的风险,但是,手术本身却是实现它的益处的一个障碍。"








来自乌干达拉卡伊健康科学计划的Godfrey Kigozi医生也报告了他们使用商环的经验。

"我们最近完成了一个有500名男性参与的项目,比较了商环与背切法,"Kigozi医生告诉Medscape Medical News说。"我们观察到少数使用商环的术后问题----只是少数----伤口愈合需要稍微长一些时间。我们也遇到一个问题,就是我们研究中的一些男性在伤口完全愈合前就恢复了性交。伤口愈合需要一个月。"

不过,商环手术本身非常快速。"大约只需6分钟,而背切法需要差不多20分钟。" "我发现商环非常适合农村地区使用。可能需要常规手术服务以备某些男性由于某些解剖学特征之需,但是总的说来,我认为稍加培训可以消除大多数不良事件。"


第7届国际艾滋病学会大会:HIV发病机制、治疗和预防。摘要 WELBC042. 2013年7月3日报告

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Circumcision Device Expands Access in Developing Countries

Neil Canavan
Jul 12, 2013

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — A novel device called the Shang Ring that is used to perform male circumcision has been shown to be safe and relatively pain-free in a field trial of more than 1000 men in Kenya and Zambia.

A Shang Ring circumcision takes a fraction of the time of conventional surgical methods and requires minimal training, so even lower-level healthcare providers can use it.

"Male circumcision is one of the most promising improvements for reducing HIV infection in sub-Saharan Africa," said Mark Barone, DVM, MS, from EngenderHealth in New York. "Unfortunately, even though we know that circumcision reduces the incidence of men acquiring HIV, the procedure itself is a barrier to realizing this benefit."

Conventional circumcision can take 20 to 40 minutes to perform, suturing is required, "and usually there is a fair amount of bleeding. Using the Shang Ring reduces the procedure time to 5 to 7 minutes, requires no suturing, and there is almost no bleeding," he explained.

Dr. Barone presented data on the safety and efficacy of the Shang Ring here at the 7th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention.

Investigators studied the device in 1161 men at 10 sites in Africa and followed patients for up to 42 days after undergoing a circumcision. Rates of postcircumcision procedure-related adverse events were low (1.6%); however, 2 men had to have the device removed before the day 7 visit because of pain.

Time to complete healing was 35 to 42 days, as was expected. Overall, 21.3% of the men reported returning to normal activities on the day of circumcision, and 95.0% reported doing so by the third day.

"The vast majority of the men really liked the procedure," Dr. Barone noted. They liked the cosmetic appearance of their penis, and most said they would recommend the ring procedure to others."

Nonphysicians performed 97.0% of the procedures, and 70.5% of the circumcisions were conducted at sites without previous Shang Ring experience. Of the 19 providers involved in the study, 17 preferred the Shang Ring to conventional surgery.

The simplicity and low cost of this method will reportedly facilitate the male circumcision initiatives that are part of HIV prevention strategies in developing countries.

"It's vital to have additional options for male circumcision to help increase the impact of this approach," said Dr. Barone. "We need to align our resources so that men who are interested in being circumcised have access."

Ugandan Experience With the Shang Ring

Godfrey Kigozi, MBChB, MPH, from the Rakai Health Sciences Program in Kalisizo, Uganda, has also had experience with the Shang Ring.

"We did a program recently on about 500 men and compared the ring with the dorsal slit method," Dr. Kigozi told Medscape Medical News. "We saw a few more postoperative problems with the ring — just a few — and wound healing took a bit longer. We did have an issue of some of the men in our study resuming intercourse before complete healing had occurred. It does take a month to heal."

The procedure itself is, however, much faster. "It was roughly 6 minutes, as opposed to nearly 20 to perform the dorsal slit."

"I found it to be very good for the rural setting. Backup surgical services might be needed for men who have certain anatomic characteristics, but overall, I think a bit more training would eliminate most adverse events."

Dr. Barone and Dr. Kigozi have disclosed no relevant financial relationships.

7th International AIDS Society (IAS) Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention: Abstract WELBC042. Presented July 3, 2013.

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